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We are ready when you are. Schedule your move or order it right now, it's totally up to you. Our ETA's range from 20-60 minutes, so you won't wait hours to get your stuff moved.

The price is automatically calculated depending on handling time and travel.

The second your order is placed, we will take care of everything. Don't move an inch, just sit back, relax and let our truskers take care of the rest.

Any use case. One Service.

From stores / internet

Whether at IKEA, Argos, your local furniture store or even from Gumtree, get your things home in less than 1 hour.

From / to storage

Move and collect all your favorite things from the storage of your choice, we work with all of them.

Moving home

Don't move an inch, just sit back, relax and let us take care of all the work. Make moving house totally stress free.

Waste disposal

Keep the inside of your car squeaky clean, as a dedicated Trusker picks up any of your rubbish that needs taking to the local tip.


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" Trusk a permis de transporter en Ile-de-France plusieurs milliers d'objets volumineux. "
" Le client trouve un service quasi instantané et les professionnels du secteur un complément de revenu "
" Chez Trusk, on ne badine pas avec la qualité "