Professional goods carriers, become a Trusker and grow your business with maximum flexibility.

We are here,
for you
Control your turnover
Grow your business, track your revenue live. Trusk provides you with management tools.
Control your use of time
Flexible, you work when you want from Monday to Sunday. You can organise your work time as you wish. No need to panic, we are available 7 days a week!
Trusk Team
A dedicated team that monitors you, supports you and helps you on a daily basis. The Trusker Team will support you during your registration, and also every day after so you grow.
TruskLivre tout, tout de suite.
Theoretical and practical training
Sign up
Register and complete all the information required to apply.
We will contact you
If you meet the conditions and according to our needs, you will be contacted to take the first training sessions.
We help you grow
Take part in our half-day training session for a first meeting that will be extremely rewarding!
Let's Trusk !
Once trained, you start and take your first loads without waiting.
The Trusk Room
Good plans
especially for you
Making it easy for you to get started, that is Trusk's goal We bring you special offers.
We bring you special offers for long term rentals! Why not take advantage?
Need a loan for the purchase of your vehicle? Do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of your discount!